We are a Public Benefit Company. Our mission is to Enhance, Defend and Protect.

In a time where one can quickly disappear in a sea of media, or suffer from misrepresentation, we facilitate broadcasting, propagating fresh ideas,  innovations, and accomplishments for Non-for-Profit, Goodwill Organizations or individuals.  Our clients are selected and chosen carefully and may not draw financial benefits from our work except for recognition as public servants. Any profit received directly or indirectly from our efforts is reinvested, donated for new projects or a Non-for-Profit with similar goals.

We work in collaboration with partners in the media industry with stout track records to maximize impact. Our news is carefully researched and adhering to the highest standards of journalism.


Due to the delicate or potential legal complication for clients we represent, our company may either fictionalize or use pen names to disclose abuse and protect individual clients identity and retaliation.





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CorpWell Media is a Public Benefit Company

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