“Flowering Your Mind”

An expert in dementia care, Suzanne Faith has helped thousands of families deal with the challenges of dementia and developed numerous curriculum on the topic for healthcare professionals. She currently manages Cape Cod Healthcare’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program. The intersection of creativity and the brain is just one of the concepts she writes about. “Flowers have long been known to heal the spirit in many ways,” says the author, “remarkably, it is now evident that the brain’s response to the beauty and colors of flowers provides another powerful gift.” She is an award-winning pressed floral artist and illustrator; her unique designs combine pen & ink illustrations with flowers grown in her garden on Cape Cod. Well-traveled and respected for her art both in her career as an RN and in Oshibana Art, her book “Flowering Your Mind” is sure to excite challenge and promote healthier aging. 

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